Work with me to co-create a personal expression
of ceremony that is meaningful to you!

Personalizing your ceremony can be subtle or it can be grand.

I’m here to be a guide for that creation to help you discover:
     ♥ What elements are important
     ♥ How simple or elaborate would be just right
     ♥ What flow would feel best to you both
     ♥ Who you want to participate and how
     ♥ What must be said to fully communicate your hearts
     ♥ What would nourish the parts of you that have always dreamed of this day
     ♥ What would be delightful, most fulfilling, fun

Your ceremony creates a context for the foundation of your marriage.

The intentions you set and the agreements you make witnessed by your loved ones on this day form a container for your magnificent “We” to continue to evolve.  

Beauty, sincerity, humor, spontaneity, magic ~ all are welcome & encouraged.


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